Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30: Haiti

Though I've never been there myself, Haiti holds a special place in my heart.

The Haitians have endured so much poverty and corruption and natural devastation, but their spirit seems to penetrate those who visit in a unique way. It's a place that's stolen the hearts of dear friends and revived my mom.

This is a special nation facing many complex, challenging issues. The public has been made aware of many, but the reality of life in Haiti is not one to easily grasp. We do know there is Someone who does know the intricacies of these hardships. Let's turn our attention there.

Haitian Quick Facts
Population: 10.2 million
Primary Industry: Aid Relief
Annual Income per Person: $790
Political System: Unstable
Primary Religion: Christianity (Typically coupled with voodoo and witchcraft)
All facts found in Operation World

Lord Jesus, we pray for Haiti tonight. So many of our prayers this month have echoed one another, and we ask that in the midst of repeated sentiments and incoherent thoughts, You would hear the heart of our the nations from oppression and let them walk in the light and truth. We want to make Your name great, and we love how the Haitian church loves You. Let us learn from our brothers and sisters and give you glory. Dear Jesus, You deserve it. Amen

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