Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6: Libya

We've made a great progress with the hubs' recovery, but we're still pushing the wire on the blog posts! I'm keeping things brief tonight, but not because Libya is in need of lesser attention.

In addition to being in the news this week, Libya has received significant news coverage in recent years due to civil war and NATO intervention. Their government is undergoing significant reconstruction, but there is still much need for stability and aid to the nation.

Libyan Quick Facts:
Population: 6.6 million
Primary Industry: Oil
Annual Income per Person: $14,479
Political System: Emerging Democracy
Primary Religion: Sunni Islam
All facts found in Operation World

Father, as we start a new week, we pray for a new chapter in Libya's history. 
We pray for doors to be opened to evangelism, for the Libyan people to be open to 
Your Truth, for Your name to be made great instead of another ruler. We ask that 
the government would stabilize and for this stability to spread to every level of society. 
Show us how to love Your people. Amen

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