Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 23: Germany

Today has been full of serving at a church event and hosting dear friends, so we're once again going to keep things brief.

Since we've covered Nate's country of origin, I thought we'd cover mine, as well. Germany's post-WW2 history is quite familiar to us. Let's praise God for the increased political stability! Christianity has been declining in recent history, however, leaving a great need for spiritual reawakening.

German Quick Facts
Population: 82.1 million
Primary Industry: Industrial Goods
Annual Income per Person: $44,729
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christian
All facts found in Operation World

Father God, I lift up Germany to You. They are placed in such a strategic location and position of influence that it excites me to think of what could happen if Your truth and love took root and multiplied throughout the nation. And yet as much as I can dream, I know You can and will do more than we can ask of imagine. We praise You for the work You've done in Germany and ask that You would draw our brothers and sisters near to You and show them just how real You are. I thank You for my family history and the line of people in which You placed me. You bless beyond measure. Amen

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