Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bringing Spring to the House of Summers

Several posts have been swirling around my head lately, but I've been lacking the time to sort them all out. So here is a simple subject that will hopefully get me back into my writing mode! We have been enjoying beautiful weather lately, and Nate and I were inspired to bring some touches of spring into our little living space.

While we don't own any ground in which to plant anything, we made the most of the space we have. First we repotted a house plant that Nate has been growing for the last three years or so. Now it has a much roomier home that I happen to think is an aesthetic improvement, as well.

Our Love Fern

We then planted a tree in the previously used planter. The kids in the environment club at work raised these trees from seeds, so we'll see if we can keep this one going! If we can, it will be a great reminder of my AmeriCorps year. Our last apartment landscaping project was planting a flower box for our balcony. We just used a packet of mixed spring flower seeds, so we'll see how well they come in. Here's our progress after a few weeks of growth.

Our last taste of spring came as a slight impulse buy. We were in need of spending a few more dollars in order to use a coupon, and this little guy fit the bill.

Homemade Popsicles! How fun is that? I've been filling them with orange juice for late night treats on warm nights. I usually eat them too quickly to have much use of the straw, but I think it will work brilliantly when the temperature gets higher. I couldn't find the mold online, but I've seen them multiple times at our local store.

I promise I'll write something more substantial one of these days, but until then, will you share how you usher spring and summer into your home? (Yes, this is a somewhat shameless plug to hear from you...it's quite a bit more fun when that happens. :-)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

God Smiles

My mind is full of lots of heavy topics these days, but this morning got me thinking about the times when I know God is looking down with a smile on His face. Do you know what I mean? Those times when certain insignificant things fall into place in a way that makes life easier or causes you to stop and smirk, and you know God orchestrated that to happen just to smile with you. Here is my random list of God Smiles that happened today.
  • I turned the shower onto the perfect temperature on my first try--no adjustments.
  • I randomly came across a favorite song that I had forgotten about.
  • I had lunch with a longtime friend, and she unexpectedly picked up the bill.
  • My boss didn't drive his car to work today, so I was able to park in his prime spot.
  • It rained...but not when I had to go outside. This translated to enjoying all of the fresh, spring smell without the frustrating dampness.
  • After fellowshipping with new friends I heard this song on the radio which reminded me of my old(er) friends at Northwestern and our baccalaureate service.
  • My hubs came home right when I needed him.
I'm always thankful when God opens my eyes to these little moments throughout the day. What's your most recent God Smile?