Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16: United Kingdom

I had a great night of hanging out with my high schoolers, but that means much less time for blogging!

Tonight I'm going to let the A21 Campaign tell the story for me. They just finished an 11-day freedom bike ride from Sofia, Bulgaria to London, following popular human trafficking routes as their course. You can check out more of the details about the ride and all the work the A21 Campaign is doing to prevent, rescue, and restore those trapped in human trafficking.The bikers just arrived in London today, so let's focus there for tonight.

British Quick Facts
Population: 62.1 million
Primary Industry: Financial and Business Services
Annual Income per Person: $43,734
Political System: Constitutional Monarchy
Primary Religion: Christian (Church of England majority)
All facts found in Operation World

Lord, we pray for a revival in the United Kingdom. We ask that You would make Yourself be known again as the living, active, powerful, loving God we know You to be. We ask that You would show them that You have a purpose for the United Kingdom, and they, and all of us, are a part of Your story for the nations. We ask specifically for a blessing on the A21 Campaign and all their efforts to fight human trafficking across Europe and around the world. We ask that this freedom ride would be a catalyst of awareness and that Your people would no longer tolerate the unspeakable reality of slavery today. We rest in knowing You are sovereign and all powerful. Thank You for knowing and loving each man, woman, and child currently in bondage. Help us to love like that. Amen

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