Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4: Italy

Today has been a full day of finishing up my work for the week and taking care of my guy recovering from his wisdom tooth extraction, so tonight will be brief. :-)

The shipwreck off the coast of Italy claimed the lives of over 100 people, including a large number of migrants from Africa. Though this happened thousands of miles away, we are called to mourn with those who mourn. Let's take some time to do just that.

Italian Quick Facts:
Population: 60.1 million
Primary Industry: Manufactured Goods
Annual Income per Person: $38,996
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christianity - Catholicism is claimed by 84% of the population, though only 15% actually practice.
All facts found in Operation World

Lord, make my heart tender toward that which You love and cherish. 
We pray for the families of those who lost their lives in this shipwreck, 
and we ask that You would be very real to them in their grief. We pray for 
the nation of Italy, that they would no longer be apathetic toward Your Church,
 but would see You are live and active today. Bring revival. Amen

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