Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic stole my heart last year, so it seems like a natural place to start our journey. While the country's rich beauty lends itself to a thriving tourism industry, there is a very high disparity between the rich and the poor.

Operation World states that there are 4,000 villages on the Dominican side of the island who have no exposure to the gospel. Many of these villages are unincorporated, meaning that those who live in these areas are not recognized by the Dominican government as citizens. Village residents typically are born, raised, and stay in the village throughout their lives. There is no structured industry in these areas, so work is primarily comprised of day labor or reselling purchased goods.

We traveled to one of those villages last summer and worked with Ina York, a missionary sharing the gospel through community development in Cercadillo.

Through God working through her efforts, the people of Cercadillo are being transformed by the gospel. Though the bondage of poverty and native voodoo are still highly prevalent, the freedom of Christ is growing! Please pray for that the Spirit to move in the people of the Dominican Republic, for them to understand the Truth of the gospel, as opposed to the voodoo influence, for the men to step up in faith and in their actions with their families, for encouragement for the missionaries currently serving, and for more to reach those who have yet to hear.

Dominican Quick Facts:
Population: 10.2 million
Primary Industry: Tourism
Annual Income per Person: $4,992
Political System: Democracy (prone to corruption)
Primary Religion: Christian (tends to blend of Christianity and voodoo)
All facts found in Operation World.

Lord Jesus, we lift up the people of the Dominican Republic. We see the beauty of Your creation, both in the land and in the people, and we ask that they would open their eyes to the beauty of Your salvation. We pray against the corruption of the government and for Your Name to be made great. We acknowledge that each tribe, nation, and tongue play a unique role in completing Your Glory, and we ask that the Dominicans, and all of us, would embrace our part of worshiping You. Amen 

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