Friday, August 16, 2013

Refresh and Refocus

Summer is storming past us, per usual, but I am still amazed by its hastiness. May and June were characterized by significant road trips to five different states. We embraced life on the road, found great detours along the way, but were more than ready for July.

A few favorites from our Dexter trip.
Falling in love with the Smokey Mountains
Simply stunning
July was primarily spent hosting friends and family. We loved the many opportunities to open our home and practice hospitality, but July definitely kept us on our toes!

Our smallest but most wonderful guests
Celebrating the Fourth with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Andy
Our first 5K with friends and family
And this leads us to August. I'm kind of loving August. If I may be so selfish, August is for us. Time with dear friends. Conferences to feed the soul. An empty house. Dreaming. Planning. Talking. Facing the hard things. Stretching. Growing. Starting.

I'm a terrible goal setter, mainly because I don't like the obsessive, over-achiever I become when I do. But I'm feeling the tide turn, just a the Spirit is whispering that I can trust God to change me, that there is more out there if I'll let go of maintaining the safeguards I've built and put that energy into doing the work.

So watch out, world. The Summers are setting goals.

Summer flies, months push forward, but today I can pause and reflect and refocus. Today I can say yes to commitments and goals and trying new things without fear of who I've been in the past. Today I can remember what writing does for my heart, for my soul, and not feel bad about making it a priority.

August is for advocating the person God made, is making me to be. August is going to be good.