Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Snow

It's snowing tonight.

There's nothing profound about that statement except that I can tell you it has snowed on at least 4 out of the last 5 December 8ths, and the snow four years ago still takes my breath away.

Four years ago I spent the entire day thinking about a certain guy and wondering, hoping, waiting to see what would happen next. The entire story is for another day. Tonight is about the snow.

Four years ago, the night sky was more white than black, more in motion than static. It was a day of excitement and anticipation, yet what I remember most is the silence. 

Big, wet snowflakes swayed and danced to their coy rhythm is they fell, stuck, stacked. No wind to speak of, no people on the sidewalks, no cars sliding by. Just snow, stillness, and his best friend as an escort.

We chatted on our short walk across campus, the one that took an eternity, but our words seemed to violate the snow's soundless serenade.

As we rounded the corner of that beloved building, I saw him, standing in the snow, waiting for me as I had been waiting for him. I had no idea what the next four years of snow and sunshine would bring, but I knew I got to be his girl, and that was enough for that night. And now as the snow falls again, as I remember the beauty of the last four years, I'm that giddy girl in the parking lot again, just happy to be his.

Tonight's Snow & Tired Eyes