Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8: Russia

We spent quite a bit of time watching the President's Cup this weekend, as we're avid golf fans and my guy wasn't up for much for than hanging out on the couch. Every time we saw a commercial for the 2014 Olympics, we got so excited! Can't wait. Makes for a great reason to focus on Russia tonight, right?

Russia has a rich and complicated history, and perhaps that is still an accurate description of the nation. There is much about the country that is worth praising and celebrating, and yet the people of Russia face hardships such as inefficient healthcare, economic threats, and a severe decline in population. Many ministries are taking root in Russia. Let's pray for open doors, growth, and unity.

Russian Quick Facts
Population: 140.3 million
Primary Industry: Natural Resources
Annual Income per Person: $11,807
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christianity
All facts found in Operation World

Father, we lift up the nation of Russia to You. Lord, there is much about this country and its history that seems to be a confusing and contradictory, and yet You understand all of the complexities. We ask that in the midst of this, You would make Your Way, Your Truth, and Your Life known simply in their lives. We pray for the Russian church. Please grow Your body of believers to be one of strength, unity, and grace. We praise You for the work being done, and ask You to encourage Your workers currently serving Russia. Thank You for these brothers and sisters. Amen

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