Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18: Netherlands

Note of transparency tonight: This week absolutely kicked me in the shin. I'm limping across the finish line, but finishing is still a victory, yes?

All that's entering my mind tonight is tomorrow's trip to our college hometown, which proudly displays their Dutch heritage. So tonight, let's pray for the Netherlands.

Dutch Quick Facts
Population: 16.7 million
Primary Industry: Industry & Agriculture
Annual Income per Person: $32,105
Political System: Constitutional Monarchy
Primary Religion: Non-religious
All facts found in Operation World

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the Netherlands and the Dutch culture that provided me a memorable college experience, the best of friends, and my dear husband. While I praise You for the rich history of Christianity in the Netherlands, we lift up the present state of apathy toward You. We pray that Your Truth would be revealed in the Netherlands and a fresh breath of Your Spirit would wash over the Dutch. Let them know You are not just a piece of their past, but the glorious source of their future. Amen

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