Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 26: Argentina

I realized today that haven't given South America enough love yet this month, so let's chat about Argentina!

Argentina is the eighth largest country in regards to land mass, and is home to both the Andes Mountains and the Pacific coastline. It's history is as diverse as it's landscape. Ancient civilizations gave way to colonization, which in turn led to the independent republic it is today.

In recent history the country has persevered through a tumultuous economic crisis from 1999-2002. While great strides have been made in this area, we can continue to pray for increased political and economic stability. The Argentinean Church has grown steadily since the 1980s, especially showing unity and strength during the economic crisis. They also have a well-developed prison ministry throughout the country that has led an estimated 25% of inmates to profess Christianity.

Argentinean Quick Facts
Population: 40.7 million
Primary Industry: Natural Resources and Agriculture
Annual Income per Person: $8,171
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christian (Primarily Catholic)
All facts found in Operation World

Lord, we thank You for Your sustaining power in the nation of Argentina. We ask that You would continue to heal the nation from the other injustices that came to light in the economic crisis. We praise You for the amazing work You are doing in the prisons and ask that this impact would reach beyond the confines of the prison walls. We praise You for the diverse land and people You have created and ask that You would be made great in this land! Amen

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