Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22: Uganda

Uganda holds a special place in our hearts, as it is the home of our other Compassion child, whom I (Nate) sponsored while in college. His name is Emmanuel, and he's awesome.

The nation itself faces many problems as civil war and disease, particularly AIDS, have historically crippled the country economically and socially. According to Operation World, the Lord's Resistance Army has displaced nearly two million and taken lives in excess of 120,000 people. Within this movement, children are susceptible to "recruitment" as sex slaves and/or child soldiers.


The church in Uganda has experienced a lot of growth over the past few decades, and we can praise God for renewal movements and the presence and planting of churches throughout the country. Superficial Christianity is a problem faced by the church, and there is a growing population of Muslims in the country, challenging the further growth of Christianity.

Ugandan Quick Facts
Population: 33.7 million
Primary Industry: Agriculture
Annual Income per Person: $455
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christian
All facts found in Operation World

Lord, we pray for the people of Uganda. You have created every square inch of this beautiful nation and you know and love each and every one of its people. We ask that you would, with your power as the Great Physician, allow the success of the work of those laboring against AIDS and other diseases that plague this people. Would you please continue to allow the growth of churches and prayer and church planting movements in Uganda that your gospel might be known throughout the land and every knee bow and every tongue confess and praise you as Lord. Amen.

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