Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: Somalia

It's another late-night post, but I think we can get it done before the day ends! Tonight we learned about two US raids: one in Libya and one in Somalia, so let's take a little time to focus on Somalia.

Somalia has endured a great amount of instability over the last 20+ years. War, violence, and lack of government structure have led to the great neglect of the Somalians' needs, especially medical needs. Somalia has the lowest health budget of any nation and the highest infant mortality rate at 12%. Lord, hear our prayers.

Somalian Quick Facts:
Population: 9.4 million
Primary Industry: Livestock Herding
Annual Income per Person: $282.00
Political System: Islamic Union of Courts, significant warlord domination
Primary Religion: Islam
All facts found in Operation World

Father, we plead on behalf of the nation of Somalia. My mind can't fathom the amount of chaos and disorder that normal life entails for the people of Somalia, but I thank you for being present with them. We pray for peace, for stability, for godly leaders to arise. We pray for aid to reach the right people, and for skills to be passed on and built upon. We pray for the families mourning loss that is all too common. Forgive us for any time we have missed opportunities to help, and open our eyes to be a part of bringing Your gospel to this part of the world. Amen.

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