Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24: Indonesia

When I was in middle school we hosted a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Learning about an Eastern culture was fascinating and has continued to leave quite an impression on me.

Indonesia is an island nation that consists of hundreds of distinct ethnic groups. The Joshua Project states that there are 780 people groups in Indonesia, and several hundred of these people groups are considered unreached. Islam is the primary religion of the nation, but the evangelical population has steadily increased over the last 50 years. Let's pray for this growth to continue and increase!

Indonesian Quick Facts
Population: 232.5 million
Primary Industry: Service Industry, Natural Resources
Annual Income per Person: $2,239
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Islam
All facts found in Operation World

Lord, we praise You for the many diverse people of Indonesia. I love how 
You love them all and created them each with a purpose. Help us to love 
them like You do. We ask that You would be working mightily in the nation, 
that their poor human rights record would begin to change. We praise You 
for growing the Indonesian church and ask that Your Truth would be made 
known in big ways. Place a heart of discontent among the people, and 
set their minds on seeking truth. Draw them near to You, Lord. Amen

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