Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15: Philippines

One of the basic methods of praying for nations we've been following, as you may have gathered, is praying through the news. While there are may issues to pray about in our own nation, (We'll get there.) it's too easy to completely miss the news going on throughout the world. Intentionally checking international news sites is a great way to keep tabs on what's going on outside the U.S. and to remember the nations in our prayers.

Tonight we have a great opportunity to do just that for the Philippines. Today a magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck the the central part of the nation. Dozens were lost, many more are missing, and the infrastructure took another major hit. The Church has a strong presence in the nation. Let's pray that the Filipinos can clearly see the hands and feet of Christ as they recover.

Filipino Quick Facts
Population: 93.6 million
Primary Industry: Agriculture & Industry
Annual Income per Person: $1,845
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christian (Catholic majority)
All facts found in Operation World

Lord God, I pray for the people of the Philippines. I cannot fathom the amount of panic and uncertainty that comes with this type of national tragedy, but I praise You for knowing their hearts and minds completely. Meet them in the midst of the hurt, and reveal Yourself as Provider. Let the Church show Your love in its purest form, without our humanness messing it up. We pray that Your gospel would spread and Your Church would bring glory to Your Name. Amen

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