Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7: Kenya

Tonight I'd like to take some time to focus on a country that has become very dear me, though I've never been there myself. I do have the pleasure of working alongside two people originally from Kenya at a church that partners heavily with various Kenyan ministries. And let's just say, it's easy to fall in love!

Kenya was under British rule until 1963, and the political climate in recent history has been strained to say the least. Currently the government is riddled with systemic corruption, which leaves a significant portion of the country in need. But it is a beautiful country full of beautiful people who are building a beautiful piece of the Church. There are many reasons to give thanks, and many needs for petition.

Today is a great day to feature Kenya, as two of my favorite bloggers are featuring a special project. Kristen Welch opened a maternity home called Mercy House for teenagers who were pregnant due to rape or prostitution for food and had no place to go. They are currently fundraising to build a classroom for the girls to continue their formal education and learning trade skills for their future. And you can be a part it!

Kenyan Quick Facts:
Population: 40.9 million
Primary Industry: Agriculture
Annual Income per Person: $838.00
Political System: Democracy
Primary Religion: Christianity
All facts found in Operation World

Lord Jesus. we thank You for the country of Kenya, for the spirit of the Kenyan people, and the amazing work You are already doing there. We ask that You would grow leaders of integrity, those who will fight corruption and advocate for those in need. We ask that You would continue to grow Your Church and spread the gospel to those unreached peoples in the country. We praise You for the Mercy House, and we ask that all of Your daughters would know their worth as Your child. Show us how to love Your people, Lord. Amen

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