Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Iran

Iran has been in the news quite a bit lately, so I thought we'd take a little time to talk and pray.

Iran has one of the longest histories of civilization in the world. The first noted kingdom on this land stretches back to the 2800 BC. It has a rich, yet violent history, and that continues today.

Currently the Iranian government is an Islamic Republic, which is a result from the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Though it is easy to fear this country based on what we read and hear in the news, I ask that we instead pray for the people of Iran and trust in the sovereignty of God. We read about Iran's pursuit of nuclear power and the threat of nuclear weapons, yet we pray for the Prince of Peace to reign. And I don't mean pray this in a cliche manner, but rather in a way that declares the full power of the Lord we serve!

Iranian Quick Facts:
Population: 75.1 million
Primary Industry: Oil and Natural Gas
Annual Income per Person: $4,600
Political System: Islamic Republic
Primary Religion: Shi'a Islam
All facts found in Operation World

Lord, we do declare that you are the Prince of Peace who can immediately bring rest to Iran. We trust your plan for the people of Iran, and we plea for Your gospel to be embraced by them. We ask that you would use their religiosity to reveal to them that You are The Truth and The Life. Encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ working to build your church, affirm that though they are small in number, Your power is great. Help us to seek understanding of a culture that seems so foreign to us. Help us to love Your people like You do. Make Your name great. Amen

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