Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25: Saudi Arabia

Tonight we watched the movie 42, and we once again marveled at the courage of those who boldly and steadily crossed the lines of segregation (and the awesomeness of baseball, but that's another post for another time). Then I read an article about women in Saudi Arabia protesting their inability to drive. Again, people courageously crossing the lines of oppression.

Women's rights is a hot button issue for me, so that's where I primarily focus when it comes to Saudi Arabia. It is important, however, to remember that the Church is under persecution in this country, as well. As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a dangerous place to be a Christian and imposes many challenges to witnessing and growing the Saudi Church. While we enjoy our freedom to practice religion, let us remember our brothers and sisters who are courageously crossing the lines of faith.

Saudi Quick Facts
Population: 26.3 million
Primary Industry: Oil
Annual Income per Person: $18,855
Political System: Monarchy
Primary Religion: Islam
All facts found in Operation World

Father, we thank You for the nation of Saudi Arabia and for the millions of people whom You love dearly. We pray Isaiah 61 over this country-that the Spirit of the Lord would be upon it, that the good news would be brought to the poor, that the brokenhearted would be healed, that the captive would be set free. Lord, we pray especially for the women living in Saudi Arabia. Let them know they are loved by You, that they are free in You, that they are Your daughters. And encourage Your Church. Give them courage to stay faithful, and give us courage to stay faithful to them in prayer. Amen

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