Monday, April 25, 2011

April Snapshots

Somehow another month has past, and I haven't written a thing. Yikes! In a brief attempt to catch up, here are a few snapshots of our April happenings.

April Showers Bring Weddings
I helped host two different bridal get-togethers during the beginning of April. The first was a bridal shower for my wonderful friend Krystal. It was a blessing to be physically reunited with the women whom I love as family.

The Fab Five with Krystal and Jordan's
Journey of Love in the Background and the
Table Decorations in the Foreground

The Beautiful Bride-to-Be

The next weekend I hosted a bachelorette party for my dear friend Andi. Her friendship is a testament to God's faithfulness in providing the right people in your life at the right time. She and I met right after Nate and I were married, and we've been able to walk together through some similar roads since then. It was so fun to celebrate her! Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have from the night.

Andi with a Mouthful of Marshmallows
During a "How Well Do You Know You're Fiance" Game
Our Chick Flick Jeopardy Game is on in the Background

Time Off
Of course, after the bridal showers comes the actual weddings! Nate and I were able to take a mini-vacation over Easter to celebrate the beginning of Drew and Andi's marriage. We overcame 1400 miles on the road, an outdated GPS, and a morning of illness for me, but all in all, the trip was a blessing.

Congratulations, Andi and Drew!

We were also able to stop in Kansas City to see Nathan, Tara and Lydia. I have to say, this girl keeps getting cuter! I just love her to pieces.

Things I'm Thinking About
  • I miss writing, especially writing reflectively. I need to make space in my life to do more of that.
  • Somehow it's almost the end of the school year which translates into having the kids 40 hours a week instead of 18. Umm...all the planning we can fit between now and then will still not leave us prepared!
  • Earlier this month, poor weather caused Nate and me to spend our first night apart since we got married. It was weird. It's also weird how quickly new normals take hold.
  • Weddings & Marriage - Wedding season is upon us and Nate and I are coming up on the end of our first year of marriage. There's been a lot of reflection and reminiscing going on in this household!
  • Our first Easter together was unconventional, much like our first Christmas.
  • My mom is in Haiti right now and I can't wait to hear what the Lord is doing in her life.
  • Our God is one of great mercy, but He also holds us to the highest standard of righteousness. How can I best imitate this in my life?
  • Our God is faithful. I am grateful.
  • I hope I have time to write more about several of these points of musings.
And there you have it--several peeks into my very random mind! Let me know your thoughts on any or all of these things. Happy Spring!