Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Simple Phrase

Two years ago Nate asked me to marry him. I remember the warm August night, the way we were cuddled together looking up at a perfectly clear sky. I remember laughing and flirting, reveling in simply being together. I remember feeling my heart rate spike when I finally understood what was happening, and yes, I remember the words he spoke to me. Yet there is one phrase I cherish over all the rest: the phrase that I had seen in his eyes, felt in his embrace, heard only through the silent squeeze of our clasped hands. He told me, "I love you, Anne."

A simple phrase that changed my world.

We have since learned a much deeper meaning of this simple phrase, and I know we have only begun to scratch the surface. No matter what type of circumstances come our way, Nate's love for me points me to the love of our Father. That has made all the difference. At times it is so difficult to actually believe that God loves and tenderly cares for me, but it is in those times of doubt and frustration that God uses Nate to remind me of Love. And I return to a warm, summer night, embraced by the arms that placed the stars in the sky above me. Though I know my Father, my Savior has told me many times before, He holds me close and says for what feels like the first time, "I love you, Anne."

A simple phrase that changes my world.

"For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving,
abounding in steadfast
love to all who call upon you."
Psalm 86:5 (ESV)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Deal Update

Today I received my Paper Coterie creation well before I had anticipated, and I'm very pleased to announce that it has easily lived up to my expectations! It's size (9.5"x13") doesn't quite fit in my bookshelf of my as I had been planning, but I'm still thrilled to have a place for our memories! If you're still interested in any Paper Coterie items, the code BEGINANYWHERE will still grant you a $40 credit until August 31.

I promise more thoughtful posts are on the way! Enjoy the beginning of your weekend.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rockin' Awesome

Remember this post? My wonderful mother-in-law sent us this fun surprise for an anniversary present. :-)

Thanks so much, Scott & Cindy! Our Frozen Pizza Fridays will be back to their full grandness, and we're very excited about it. :-)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jumpstarting and Deal Finding

Our schedule always seems to keep us busy, and this summer has been no exception. In fact, I feel like we've figured out a way to stuff even more activities into the nooks and crannies of our free time. Needless to say, this blog has suffered mightily because of it. But here is my attempt to jumpstart my writing once again! I know I'm a happier, more focused person when I'm writing, and perhaps I can provide you a few minutes of joy, as well.

Before I get into some of the weightier thoughts swirling in my mind, I wanted to share a great deal with you! I must confess I am a terrible scrapbooker. I tried it out when I was younger, and the whole thing puts my perfectionist tendencies into a complete tizzy. I do, however, hoard keepsakes from memorable occasions as if I were a scrapbooking fiend. The result, as you may guess, is a lot of stuff piled in a closet. My husband is just thrilled. ;-)

While perusing this blog (a great place to find photo deals, plus she's fun to read), I came across a a Paper Coterie product called Memory Keepers that may be my solution! It's a 9.75x13 box with a personalized cover. This translates into one easy-to-design cover and no pages to stress me out! Nate and I typically wrote each other letters once a month throughout our dating years, so this is the book I created to house these precious words.

This is one of the first pictures we took of just the two of us, and it still makes me laugh! And here's your reward for hanging in there with me through this rambly post: Paper Coterie is offering a $40 credit by using the code BEGINANYWHERE before August 31. If you order before August 8 (tomorrow), you can get another $40 credit by using the code STACYJULIAN in the promotions bar. I'm really excited to have a cute place to store our keepsakes and even more excited about not paying too much to get it. :-) I'll be back soon with some summer recaps and a few theological musings. Until then, have a great start to your week!