Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9. Seasons

Can I really be thankful for waking up to heavy, cold, wet blanket of snow? Maybe that's part of the hard eucharisteo Ann Voskamp talks about. :-) While the cold air forced its way into our apartment, making getting out of bed even more difficult, I was reminded of how much I love living in a place with four seasons. Even if I have to wake up to this for a few months.

My car, Polly, and our tree clinging to fall
The cold temperatures, the early dark nights, and now the snow are signs of the coming of perhaps my least favorite season, but at least for now it was a nice change of pace and a great reminder of the One who created each season for a purpose.

Today's Blessings:
  • The goodness of seasons
  • The softness of my new scarf against my cheek
  • The happy and sadly funny memories of winters gone by

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