Sunday, November 20, 2011

19. Our Niece

I'm completely convinced that there are few sounds more precious than a toddler's giggle. Somehow getting out of bed yesterday was a lot easier when I heard little girl squeals downstairs.

I've written about her several times before, but we're pretty convinced we've been blessed with (one of) the world's greatest niece! We got to spend the day with her yesterday and tried to soak up every minute of family time we could which is the reason this post is a day late. But seriously...would you just look at her?  They don't come any cuter, do they? :-)
She has photo-ops figured out!

Two cuties :-)
While she's adorable on the outside, it's really her spunky personality that gets me the most. She has been a go-getter for the majority of her life already, and she already has displayed that Eberline stubborn streak in full force. That girl knows what she wants, and my goodness I love her for it! I am so thankful for her curiosity, for her constantly growing vocabulary, for her increasingly frequent signs of affection. I'm thankful I get to her aunt!

Papa, thank you for this beautiful girl. Thank you for her the way she goes after her world. I pray that to her active spirit You add Your wisdom, to her observant eyes give her compassion, to her many words grant her kindness and self-control. Thank you for the precious gift who is Lydia Sue. Amen.

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