Thursday, November 17, 2011

17. Diversity & Lessons Learned

My Club kids teach me a lot. Surprise, surprise, huh? I've been spending quite a bit of time with our choir kids lately, and they sneak in little lessons on how I can be cooler. Or sometimes they just tell me I look stupid and should change the way I'm standing. They keep me humble and laughing!

We're getting ready for our first choir performance tomorrow, so I asked them to suggest some music for a CD we could play while we wait to perform. Who knew one simple question would bring out so many opinions? I quickly filled up my notebook page with their suggestions (and demands ;-). Let's just say very few of their requests were found in my iTunes.

As Nate and I put together the CD tonight, I just smiled at the songs that make my head pound slightly but that I know will bring a lot of smiling and dancing tomorrow. Worth it! I'm thankful for simple joys, for differences in tastes and preferences, for kids who keep me relevant, and the God who is creative enough to envision and create it all.

Today's blessings

  • Warm, tasty meals
  • Hanging out with Club kids
  • Cuddle time with Nate
  • A comfy bed in which to sleep...goodnight, everybody!

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