Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15. Technology Experts & Last Laughs

My college computer officially died today. Or rather it's been taken off the life support of my ignorance and has been properly disposed. Sad day.

Since I was a writing major with a literature minor, I spent a lot of time writing papers during college...a LOT. While I was socializing when I should have been writing/studying, I would typically have my laptop with me just to make myself feel justified. At least I was getting something done, right? ;-)

By the end of my last writing marathon of my college career (which included writing a whopping 46 pages in 2 weeks), my computer had carried me through countless nights of research, early morning conclusions, hours and hours of procrastinating on social media, and many side stitches and tears from YouTube videos. One June afternoon, however, my dear companion went blank. Though there was still heat coursing through its circuits, I knew it was gone. I had been able to stay cool, calm, and collected through much of our wedding planning stress, but the day my computer left me, I broke. I just sat on my bed and cried.

I laughed at myself while recounting this story to my friend, but she rightly pointed out that I had spent more time with my computer than I had with any one person! What an odd but true statement. Those tears quickly dried and were replaced by the crazy excitement that comes from getting married, moving, and starting a new job. My poor, neglected shell of a computer has now sat in our closet for over a year. (Ignoring the loss means it hasn't happened, right?) This week we decided it was time to see if any of the data could be recovered and to get rid of my computer remains.

We brought it in, and the technician asked what was wrong with the machine and tried to power it on. As I recall, the screen would not turn on for me. However, I had to smile when my loyal, mechanical friend resurrected just enough to show us all the desktop picture:

Passion 2010
To God be the glory, eh?  :-)

Today's blessings:

  • Recovered data!
  • Slightly recovered voice
  • Unexpected meal with Nate
  • Good times with coworkers

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