Thursday, November 10, 2011

10. Difficult Conversations

I am a person who loves conversation. I wrote a bit about that love last year, but today I'm talking about that kind of conversation that isn't always so pleasant. The kind that's preceded by tension dancing in the air, chest muscles tightening, breath sticking in suddenly closed throats. The kind that seemingly comes with a blinking sign saying "CAUTION: Bridge closed ahead."

Words carry such an immense opportunity each time they're expressed. And in these difficult situations, when conflict seems to be an anxious visitor waiting for the door to be opened, the opportunity of words becomes even more critical. Will they be used to go around the issue or through it? Will you speak with a reined tongue or as uncontrolled fire (James 3)?

While these situations are not unique to marriage, this is the context in which I find myself dealing with difficult conversations most often. Nate and I don't communicate in the same ways, and each resolution conversation gives us an opportunity to serve each other with our words. Little by little that tension dance turns into a peaceful calm and breath comes a little easier. That bridge that was once out has been rebuilt, one word at a time. We're stronger for it, and I am thankful.

Today's blessings:

  • Bible study laughter
  • Children's voices
  • Sunshine
  • Prescription allergy relief for my hubs

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