Thursday, November 8, 2012


My brain is wired to connect. I have a slightly ridiculous memory that recalls little snapshots of conversations and events long past that connect with the here and now. Most of the time it ramps up into a vivid memory lane conversation or serves as a nice venue of self-amusement. But there are times when it stops me in my tracks and demands to be noticed.

Tonight was one of those times when God's timing and alignment were made to be made known. Do you know His plan is, and always has been, on purpose? Because He made sure I knew it tonight. And I'm thankful.

Grateful List
  • Remembering a professor's phrase with new freshness
  • Coworkers with integrity
  • Lunch with Mom
  • Another chance to open our home
  • The rich layers and connections in God's word
  • Powerful teaching paired with fellowship

1 comment:

  1. Lunch with Anne made my thankful list tonight. Please, let's talk about Revelation this weekend!