Sunday, November 4, 2012

Counting Again

For the last two years I've blogged my gratitude through the month of November as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving. As much as I love this tradition, this year will look a little different. Some days may have a full post, some may not be on the subject thanksgiving, but most will likely just be a short list. I'd still love to have you join in the fun by listing your gratitude list in the comment section!

Tonight I'm thankful for fellowship. To be honest I didn't want to open our home tonight. I was physically tired from chasing our beautiful nieces around all weekend, emotionally spent from our season of hard eucharisteo, and I didn't want to see anyone.

But as I should have learned by now, God's timing has purpose. We hosted our small group, finished up a great lesson on taking initiative in leading Christian families, and had some great discussion, both on topic and otherwise.

And at the end of the night, I was again reminded that fellowship and true community is hard, but we are designed to need it. It takes intentionality, but it is worth it. I'm thankful we were scheduled to host tonight. I'm thankful my man has a heart for hospitality. I'm thankful for the many couples willing to share with each other. I'm thankful for God's perfect design.

My Catch-up List
1. Our Story
2. These beautiful faces
3. Family on the tough days
4. Fellowship, even when I don't think I want it.

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