Monday, November 5, 2012

The Love of a Toddler

I love my nieces. I am 100% confident that they are the coolest little girls ever. Seriously captivated by their little loveliness. Usually Lydia, the two-year-old, cracks me up with her antics and witty observations, but this last visit, she about did me in with her sweetness.

You see, Lydia loves her two-month-old sister in a way that both makes my heart melt and punches me in the gut. When she comes home from daycare, she smothers Grace with hugs and kisses. When Grace is in a different room, she asks, "Where's Baby Grace?" When Grace fusses a little during dinner, she says, "It's ok, Baby Grace. It's ok." (Then stuffs her mouth full again. I told you she is awesome!)

During this last visit all the adults went upstairs for a quick minute. Grace was in her swing, and Lydia was playing quietly with some dolls. Lydia looked up, slightly concerned, but went right back to playing when Tara reassured her we'd be right back down. We snuck upstairs to take a look at a finishing touch for the nursery while keeping our ears perked. When I heard a little thunk downstairs, I came down and found this:

My Two Little Loves
Lydia was attempting to move the chair close to the swing. "I want to read to Baby Grace," she said. (Here's where the melted heart and punched gut come into play.) I helped her get situated and read a book called I Love You More while my eyes teared up.

I want to love like that. I want to love with the pureness of a toddler. When I see a need, I want to feebly pull up a chair and fill it the best way I know how. So tonight, I'm thankful for the way this big sister loves. I'm thankful for the lessons learned from babes. And I'm thankful for the Spirit who moves in the quiet places.

Grateful List
  • A sweet gesture from a coworker
  • Encouragement from a completed project
  • Unexpected lunch with Nate and friends
  • A healthy body capable of excercise
  • Laughing on the couch

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