Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23. Unexpected Beauty

Today was a long day due to some discouraging monotony at work, but God opened my eyes to a few sights that made me stop and smile.

Due to the winter-esque temperatures, I walked indoors as long as possible today. The skywalks take a little longer, but the warmth is completely worth it. While I was flying through the hallways in my effort to make it to my desk on time, I noticed a man sitting halfway-hidden in a corner. To be honest, I initially thought he looked a little suspicious, so I took another look. To my great delight I saw an open Bible on his lap and his head bowed in prayer. I smiled as I wondered what he was studying this morning and I couldn't help but think of man who prayed away from the crowd in Luke 18:9-14. Oh, and I did get to work on time. :-)

Unfortunately I had gotten bogged down again by the end of the day, but God grabbed my attention in one of my favorite ways. I work in an window-walled office building, but typically I see the east side of the building. However, I was walking to the west side when I was greeted by a burning red sunset. It was beautiful. And again I remembered God's majesty and sovereignty.

I'm so thankful our Lord offers these unexpected examples of beauty as a way to remind us that He is here; He is in control; He is good.

Yes, I know this is Chicago, but it's the thought
that counts, right? Thanks, Google Images!

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