Saturday, November 20, 2010

20. Washers and Dryers

Laundry is one household chore I typically enjoy, much to my husband's delight. There's just something about the smell of detergent and fabric softener and the warmth of clothes coming out of the dryer that seems like a reward every time a load is completed. For some reason, I even find folding laundry relaxing. During college I acquired somewhat of a reputation for my distinctive folding style (I learned from the prestigious School of Momma Jan) and my quirky desire for all of my clothing to be folded in a certain way. That being said, I would dread the thought of washing clothes if I did not have a washer and dryer at my disposal. Despite my frequent battles with our stackable washer/dryer, I am reminded weekly (or twice weekly!) of how thankful I am for this type of technology.

We're coming down to the last few days of this Thanksgiving project, but there is still plenty of time for you readers to chime in. Feel free to write a comment about something for which you are thankful! Today is a laundry day in the Summers household, and I need to put my last load in the dryer. Enjoy your Sabbath tomorrow!

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  1. I enjoy doing laundry (and ironing), too! There is just something about having everything neat and clean and in its place that makes me feel good! :-)