Monday, November 15, 2010

15. Laughter

It doesn't take much. Whenever I encounter a quick-witted comment from my brother, a ridiculous gesture from my hubs, the start of a giggle from my BFF, or when our niece does anything, I can't help but laugh. It seems every relationship I am in can be defined in some manner by the laughter we share. I love simply cuddling on the couch with Nate and making each other laugh. Family dinners are never complete until all of us are caught up in raucous laughter. My former college roommates and I often laugh so hard that we cry and clutch our sides before we calm down. I'm not one to pass on good, serious conversation, but I consider finding humor in life one of God's most gracious blessings.

Blogging World, meet my best friend Krystal. She is one of the best
laughers I know, and though she hates this picture, it shows
just how beautiful a full blown fit of laughter can be!


  1. I'm not sure I can condone this use of abbreviations . . . especially with the Proper Grammar discussion from your post yesterday! ;)

  2. Sorry, Drew, at age 23, I just can't quite accept calling him my husband. So for now, he's my hubs! :-)