Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey Dreamer

Hey Dreamer,

I want to share encouragement with you today. And I wish I had a wealth of experience and wisdom, but instead I have a story.

I stood in a circle of people I greatly respected and listened as they confidently introduced themselves. The task assigned was to sum up the reason we were placed on the earth in one word. Just one. I felt young, I felt inadequate, I felt completely unoriginal as my fellow student leaders clearly articulated their purpose while taking quality words off the table before my turn came around.

“To serve,” said one student.

“To dance,” said a well-known campus leader, with a perky smile on her face.
“To love,” said another.

My mind continually battled itself while coming up with every reason one word would never be enough to describe purpose. And yet, the answers steadily drew nearer to me.

“To learn.”

“To laugh.”
“To speak.”

We tend to make life more complicated than necessary, don’t we? We plan, we strategize. We justify, we rationalize. But in the end, our infinitely complex God wants to make life simple for us. Why are we here? What is our purpose?

To obey.

To worship.
To pray.

With beauty, He created you. With wisdom, He placed you here. With perfection, He will complete the good work He has started in you until the day of Christ Jesus. Do not denounce His workmanship, dear one. Embrace the woman He created you to be. Seek His purpose for you, perhaps the one word that sums up the reason you are here.

In the middle of an icebreaker long forgotten by most, He whispered a word. In the years since, He’s whispered a few more. And I feel quite confident that if you ask, He will show you, too. Let’s dream together, sweet sisters. Embrace it so that together we can fulfill the purpose He has for all of us.

To glorify.

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  1. I love this Anne! So beautiful and encouraging! Thank you! I'll pray for you too!

  2. glorify. how simple. how freeing. Thank you dear sister, for Glorifying the Lord through your writing! :)

  3. Anne, this is beautiful, and so encouraging. Thank you.