Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our First Christmas

As I previously posted, this has been an unusual Christmas season for Nate and me. After returning home from our last Christmas journey, we realized we hadn't had the time or energy to have our own Christmas. We had to make one of two choices: pack everything up and try again next year or finish decorating and celebrate our Christmas in our own time. We chose the latter.

So we decorated our apartment for Christmas on January 7, invited a few couples over for a Post-Christmas Christmas party a week later, and opened our presents yesterday. Unconventional? Yes. A first Christmas to remember? Absolutely.

We will be striving for a bit more of a normal Christmas for 2011, but I'm so thankful I have a husband and friends willing to accommodate this quirky arrangement. Here's a little photo sampling from Summers' Christmas 2010/11:

Our First Christmas

My Attempt at a Creative Centerpiece

This smoker and nutcracker have been a part
of Christmas for as long as I can remember

We thought even our lamps needed a little Christmas spirit

Stoking our Christmas Morning Fire

Silly Boy

My Sweet Treat

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