Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Step One: Open the Door

Not my door...theirs.
Last week a big group of lovely ladies posted about their God-sized dreams for 2013. My dream is to intentionally use our home to connect with others, love on whoever God brings through our door, and invite God to use this year to whatever purpose He deems good.

This week Holley urged our team to take a small step to get started, to create just the smallest forward movement in faith, then trust God to grow the momentum and do His big thing.

This past week was full of projects, catching up, and a quick visit to see the nieces, full of the raw materials good excuses are made of. Yet, I'm resisting that ever-constant urge to do so. Yes, life is busy. But I'm choosing to move forward.

In the Do What You Can Plan, Holley writes this about the Proverbs 31 woman: "She does what's simple and straightforward. But she does it with consistency and excellence. Over time, that adds up to much more than her actions each day might convey to those observing."

Admitted, the Proverbs 31 woman and I have never quite seen eye to eye. She stands there all cute in purple, subtlety revealing her strong, defined arms. She gets up early, and sews, and is good at everything that I am not. And yet...the root of my jealously, my feelings of inadequacy, is rooted in exactly what Holley describes..."she does it with consistency and excellence." She shows up, does what she needs to do, and lets God amplify her actions. Beautiful. Convicting.

So this week, I took a step forward by opening our door (figuratively...it's quite chilly here), by turning the mental lock that keeps me safe but keeps others out, by saying yes to the opportunities God brings.

Here is this week's list of yeses:
  • Hosting this week's Bible study
  • Reaching out to a friend to spend some time together
  • Beginning to plan an annual get-together that seemed like it might be too much this year
  • Obeying a God-push to text a friend
It's a short list, but it's a start. Are you saying yes to new things this year? Will you share? Praying our lists will continue to grow. Consistently. In excellence.

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  1. what an awesome encouraging post. I looved reading about your God-sized dream steps. I loved your phrase especially mentally unlocked the door! that's awesome. Way to go! this was encouraging and challenging!

  2. Hi, my sweet God-Sized Dream sister! Reading this was such an encouragement to me. Though my dreams involve writing books, you challenged me to do some other things that have been in my heart but I've been fearful to step forward on.

    Praying blessings on you today and looking forward to seeing what God continues to do through you! :)

  3. Anne, this is such a beautiful post! I can't totally relate! I definitely need to work on opening some of "my doors." Fear is such a limiting thing. Thanks for encouraging me :)

  4. Wow, that is a really awesome God-sized dream, Anne. You are giving God the opportunity to work more frequently and steadfastly in your relationships and that is INCREDIBLE! I kind of want to steal your God-sized dream and tack it on to mine! I am super excited to see where God takes you and all the people you welcome into your home!

  5. Good for you! I love your dream and the steps you are taking... your note about obeying a God-push to text a friend convicted me (in a good way). I need to be more intentional about that; thank you!

  6. Anne, thank you for sharing your heart! Once again, it is encouraging and challenging as well! Especially the consistency and excellence...I definitely lack on the consistency piece....
    I know a word God has given us this year is intentional...which needs to be followed up with consistency in the little things in the day, week...
    Thank you!