Monday, March 26, 2012

Refinement: A Sugar Update

We're one week into our little experiment in self-control! Honestly it's going pretty well. There are definitely times we'll run into one of our regular meals that we begrudgingly alter, but for now we have successfully laughed it off. Again, there's little chance I could be successful without partnering with Nate. He's a champ.

Just as a clarification, we completely acknowledge that cutting out sugar completely is unrealistic. We're just cutting out as much sugar as possible, especially refined sugar, while being smart about the sugar we do consume. For instance, I realize this recipe has a banana in it, and bananas have a high amount of fructose. But I also realize that we've consumed an entire bag of spinach since we started eating them last week! I consider that a win, eh? I'm also not giving up yogurt, as I've always disliked milk but I'm hesitant to remove any other source of calcium from my diet. (Right, Mom? :-) Other than that, we're just being far more intentional about sugar content in the food we eat.

As I mentioned earlier, Nate and I are in a season of making changes in our lives, and this is one of those changes. From the very beginning of our marriage, there have been several life circumstances that have been beyond my control to change. To be honest, I haven't coped with them all that well. I kept my exterior put together, but on bad days I was quick to self-medicate with indulgent treats (i.e. ice cream, etc.). And soon I was indulging myself with treats even on the better days. Without realizing it, I adopted the attitude that proclaimed, "I deserve to eat/do what I want because life is hard right now." Awesome reasoning, eh?

Slowly but surely I've woken up to my skewed thinking and am trying to, by the grace and strength of God, create an attitude overhaul. I cannot change those painful life circumstances, but I can change how I react. Thus, we're cutting back our sugar. We're spending more time outside. Watch out, we might just try to run a 5k! (But don't hold your breath on that one... :-)

How about you? Are you making some changes this spring? How are you going about it? Let me know!

Another List of Proud "Saying No" Moments:
  • Birthday cake
  • Donuts
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • No soda! Including trips to the movie theater

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  1. Thanks for considering your calcium intake. I know...I can be so annoying! But in a good way, I hope. :-)