Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year of Inviting

A year ago I joined a group of dreamers...a word that still sounds so foreign to me. But we spent the year getting to know each other, sharing the wins and the setbacks, encouraging each other, and yes, dreaming.

In 2013 my dream focused on inviting others into our home and into our lives. Community is often messy and hard and inconvenient, but it's also refreshing, vital, and life-giving. And so we invite each other in.

2013 was a year of learning what this looked like for us. We did little things like sharing meals and throwing a few parties. A summer intern working at our church lived in our basement. Another friend stayed for a week while his family moved. We had friends stay in our home even though we were out of town. Our backyard filled up with people we love and people we hadn't yet met.

A year ago I didn't know who I would be inviting into our home, but I knew what I wanted our guests, our friends to find when they arrived. A place of comfort, of grace. A place of equal parts deep conversation and light-hearted merriment. A place of peaceful welcome.

A place that reflected our hearts.

My home is far from perfect, and my heart has so much room to grow. This year saw quite a few failures and forgotten goals, but the yeses we said in 2013 are producing growth that extends into 2014. And that's how I'll measure my success.

Happy New Year, dear friends. Looking forward to seeing all God has in store!


  1. Hi Anne! I love your dream. It's my own hearts desire that when we have company that they feel loved on, and peaceful while they are here. I truly want our home to be a place of refuge. Blessings to you as you dive into 2014!

  2. Anne I love your one word and how y'all embraced it. You opened not just your home but your heart. I am sure all of that love will pour into 2014. Thanks for sharing your story and journey with us.

  3. Beautiful dreamer! Beautiful words! My husband served for 23 years in the US Air Force before retiring. God ordered every home that we lived in. Each adventure in relocation came with expectant joy as we quickly settled in and threw open the doors of our home as a place of grace. We learned to love other cultures, find the good in every little corner of the world and gladly share the hope that would dwell wherever we would set up our home. We were so blessed. Every treasured interaction wells up in my spirit as I type. Keep the welcomed with grace mat displayed. God will continue to honor your heart. Thanks for allowing me to share even this small space as dream-dwellers.

  4. Oh I love your word for 2013 and how you embraced it!!

  5. What a beautiful word and dream! I would love to be at the place you were this year, inviting others into a warm home. Way to go!