Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I Want to Remember About 25

A month ago I turned 25, and I couldn't help but notice several of the bloggers I follow recently posted about what they wished they could tell their younger selves. They spoke of learning to deal with conflict, putting aside pride, and trusting in an infallible God. They spoke of lessons learned that I want to soak up now instead of later, but they also got me thinking.

I'm sure in a few years there will be several pieces of advice to tell the 25-year-old me, but there are also things I want to remember about now. Things that are worth stating as truth, just in case time distorts my memory.

1. You are living with no regrets.
You've said yes to a lot of opportunities, and no to several others. Your hard decisions were covered in prayer, so don't second guess yourself. You've made mistakes but you're learning. And each of your years has made you who you are. Keep embracing it.

2. You are married to a good man.
Remember when boys were just the friends you played basketball with at recess? The ones who made you feel awkwardly tall but at least talked about things you liked? Remember how you could never picture yourself with any of them? That's because God had one picked out for you that fulfilled the qualities you knew you wanted and all the ones He knew you needed. Remember your story and keep writing it.

3. God has a purpose. He has a purpose for you.
You can see Him moving pieces, teaching, revealing passions, giving places for you to serve. You may not be able to see where He's leading, but how blessed are you to know He is? He has a purpose for the good days, a purpose for the painful ones. He has a purpose. Pursue it.

Here's to a quarter century, dear friends! Let the adventure continue.

What am I forgetting? What do you want to remember about your current season of life?

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