Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Madness: Jersey Boys & My Favorite 19-month-old

Last week Nate and I took a deep breath and plunged into the craziness that is our May 2012. With three weekends of travel in three different states, I'm beginning to feel a bit like we're reliving this mess of awesomeness. But just as it was back then, each trip this May promises great celebrations and treasured time with family.

Part one of our travel trifecta consisted of celebrating Christmas once again and spending time with arguably the world's cutest toddler. I know I'm biased, but seriously...wait for the pictures. :-)

Nathan and Tara tried buying us tickets to West Side Story for Christmas, but that didn't work out. Fortunately, it did work out for all four of us to attend the musical Jersey Boys! I loved the energy of the show (despite the high level of profanity...very authentic Jersey. :-), and the music was fantastic.

Before the show Tara, Lydia, Nate, and I took a little trip to an entirely different cultural experience: Marble Day. Check out the lineup of fun-filled events!

Lydia seemed to approve of the schedule.
We started by watching the self-proclaimed Wacky Parade, which consisted of the Grand Marshall in a golf cart, a middle school band, two homemade floats made for kiddos, and a host of characters from the Renaissance Fair. Oh...and a guy on stilts. Quite the experience! Lydia seemed to like the bubbles much better.

Making bubbles means using your whole body for leverage!
We wandered to the town square to see a pet trick show, but Lydia wasn't quite able to grasp the intricacies  of watching a dog chase the treat that was in its owner's hand. Can't understand how she misunderstood that. ;-) She did understand how much fun can be had on a pile of hay.

I really love this girl. :-)
The animals were the real stars of the festival. Lydia got up close and personal to every animal cage that was on display, and every puppy we passed on the sidewalk got an air kiss. She is just the best!

Sorry, Mom. She even loves the kitties.
Most of the kids were freaked out by the monitor lizard. Lydia just smirked.
We couldn't leave until she had touched each of the lizards!
This weekend was a perfect blend of fun, adult time and delightful, giggle-filled toddler time. Thanks again for hosting us, Nathan and Tara! Can't wait for our next visit.

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