Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thanks for the great response to my last post! Writing honestly to an unknown audience is an odd sensation, but your responses were a great encouragement! I've been intending to write earlier, but we've been getting ready for quite a few celebrations (including a surprise party, and I was paranoid about giving away the secret!). Here's a little recap of the festivities.

The Celebration of Two Beautiful Friends

A little over a week ago, two of my dear friends were married. Krystal is one my Fab Five, and she and I have journeyed down many roads together--from loving Northwestern as RAs to going through major surgery and recovery to seeking godly relationships with our men, we've done life together. I've known Jordan for the last 5 years, as well, so it was a very special weekend. I was so blessed by celebrating Krystal on Friday night and celebrating Jordan and Krystal as a couple on Saturday! Plus we got to see several of our Northwestern family which always has a way of refreshing my soul.

Not only is Hannah our friend, she is absolutely brilliant!
Please click on the link above to check out her work.

The Fab Five reunites at a wedding at last.

Steg RAs 2008-2009: An experience to bond us for a lifetime

Celebration of Nate

Since the wedding was nearby, we were able to host our friends Ryan and Julia overnight. Then on Sunday, Ryan, Julia and a host of wonderful friends helped me throw a surprise birthday party for Nate's 25th birthday! I found out in a hurry that surprising the person with whom you share both an apartment and a bank account is a little tricky. Thankfully Nate interpreted my secret-keeping as planning frenzy for Krystal's wedding, and it ended up working splendidly. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and I more than enjoyed surrounding Nate with people we love while he remained unaware! I neglected to get a group picture, but I do have these.

My birthday boy! Thanks for supplying this genius cake, Michael!

These two men mean so much to Nate, and
I'm thankful they were willing to be here to celebrate.

Celebration of Lydia

Last weekend was much more about getting together with my family than just Lydia, but since it was the first time we've seen her for a few months, she may have been our primary focus. :-) We had a great time enjoying our city with Nathan, Tara, Lydia, my parents, and family friends. My mom has the far better pictures, but here is a little sampling of our favorite 9 month old and the family that loves her dearly.

She may not be the first woman to fall for
James Bond, but she may be the cutest!

She's surrounded by toys, but Nate's
guitar playing has her completely enthralled.

My family out for dinner

Miss you so much, Andrew and Lisa!

This ended up being a bit of a marathon post, but thanks for hanging in there with me. I'm hoping to get on a more regular writing schedule now that these wonderful yet busy weekends are behind us. I hope you're finding celebrations in your summer, as well!

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  1. What a wonderful recap! Juls and I are sitting here reliving the memories and enjoying pictures of Lydia--she is so cute! We are grateful we could join in celebrating Nate's birthday, and are exceedingly grateful to be a part of your lives!