Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Starting Life as the Summers

We are officially Mr. and Mrs. Summers! And we are officially starting life as residents of West Des Moines. After our relaxing honeymoon in Riviera Maya Cancun, Nate resumed his position in Marketer Services at Principal Financial Group and I resumed my position at the computer searching for jobs. While I'm still searching, we know God has been faithful so far, and He will continue to be faithful in providing a job for me, as well. In His timing!

Our first month of marriage has been filled with settling our apartment, celebrating the beautiful wedding of my lifelong friend Christine and her husband Brandon, helping my parents and my brother and sister-in-law celebrate 34 and 6 years of marriage, respectively, getting together with both old and new friends living in the Des Moines area, and relaxing with the Summers family at Lake Ponderosa. It's been a busy time, but we're thoroughly enjoying being married. Though it hasn't been too long, we have learned a few things such as: how to make the words 'adjust' and 'compromise' a regular part of our vocabulary and actions, I am not a natural water skier, Nate's seemingly unflappable calmness is a good influence on me, our oven runs approximately 50 degrees hotter than it says, Sunday afternoons when neither of us has to leave are the best, and we love living together in our marriage covenant. God is good.

There are a few more lessons in there somewhere, but that's what comes to mind for now! Thanks for checking in with us. Love to you all.


  1. I'm so excited for your start of married life! I've enjoyed the blogging and keeping up on the life of the Summers' in some way. Super jealous of the putt putt with the Minearts! We really need to come down to Des Moines some weekend. And our oven runs 50 degrees hotter as well :) It makes for some interesting cookie making!

  2. Thanks so much, Kels! I love writing, but it's always nice to know someone is reading. :-) Let us know if you and Ben are in the area! We'll do triple date putt putt.