Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Quick Update and the Weekend Run-Down

Now the key to blogging is to keep writing...and I've slipped up a bit in that department! But I'll try to remedy this. The newest Summers household has been settling into a routine which is a welcome change of pace after so many changes in the last few months. Nate is staying busy in Marketer Services (aka job security!), and I'm getting more and more used to not having him around for the majority of the day. I keep sending out applications and going to the occasional interview, so something has to show up soon...right? ;-) God has been very good in giving me a certain amount of peace throughout the last few weeks. I'm still not a huge fan of sitting still, but it's getting better. In fact, while there is still a longer list of things I will NOT miss, I have figured out a list of things that I WILL miss after I'm employed. Here's a little taste:
1. Being completely rested
2. Writing contemplatively whenever I'd like
3. Wearing gym shorts
4. Going to a movie with a friend at 11:25 a.m. and only paying $6 because it's the first showing of the day (Who knew?)
5. Being able to say "Yes, I'm free" whenever someone asks if I'm available to do something

Other than the job situation, we've been enjoying our time at home. For the last 2 years or so, one of us (usually Nate, bless him) would make a weekend trip to visit the other every 2-4 weeks. The visits were wonderful, but the travelling took its toll. Now we've been able to spend the majority or all of the last 4 weekends at home, and we're loving it! We're in a wonderful place to begin our marriage as we're still close to family and have many friends, old and new, that we're able to see on a regular basis. What a blessing!

Case in point, last weekend. On Friday, we went miniature golfing with Rachael and Scott, a lovely friend from my days of NW Women's Golf and her husband. All four of us took the competition very seriously (please insert a mental picture of all of us reading our putts...I didn't bring my camera). Although our friendly competition may have held up the other putt-putt golfers, we had a great time with it. On Saturday we met up with my parents for lunch to celebrate my birthday, and the celebration continued that night with Jeff and Chelsea, another fabulous Northwestern couple with whom Nate and I are close. We had them over for dinner and a rousing game of Bananagrams. (For those gamers out there, you must check this out. It may just be my new favorite.) Sunday was filled with church, relaxation, and again meeting with friends for an outdoor concert and fireworks at the mall. All of this activity made it a little difficult to return to the work routine on Monday, but we still see it as well worth it.

I'll be sure to bring my camera on our upcoming adventures which will include meeting our niece! Hopefully she chooses to make her appearance soon. Be blessed this week!

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